Fun Pass FAQs

What is a Fun Pass?

Fun Pass is a subscription plan to fun! It features two plan types & billing periods; Single or Family and monthly or quarterly.

Subscribers will automatically be charged every 1 or 3 months (depending on the billing period selected) from the date & time of subscription commencement. Each month, Fun Pass subscribers will receive a set allocation of free activities to use across Funlab Brands; Strike, Holey Moley, Archie Brothers and B. Lucky & Sons View plans here.

How do I get a Fun Pass?

You can subscribe to a Fun Pass plan on our subscription sign up page here.

Can I have more than one Fun Pass Plan

Yes, you can! You can subscribe to multiple passes in one or multiple transactions.

What activities are included in my Fun Pass each month?

Click here to view monthly activity inclusions by Fun Pass plan.

Are there number restrictions for how many adults and children can use the family Fun Pass?

Family Pass plan is an allocation of activities available to families, not specific to a set number of Adults and Children.

Can I swap out activities?

Activity inclusions are set quantities of each activity by brand and cannot be exchanged or swapped for other activities, brands or quantities. For example, one or more mini golf allocations cannot be swapped for one or more bowling games.

How is a Fun Pass subscription charges?

If you selected a monthly billing period at the commencement of your Fun Pass Subscription, Funlab will automatically debit your plan amount ($39 Single / $99 Family) from the bank card provided each calendar month on your renewal date and time*.

If you selected a quarterly billing period at the commencement of your Fun Pass Subscription, Funlab will automatically debit your plan amount ($99 Single / $249 Family) from the bank card provided each quarter on your renewal date and time*.

If you wish to change your bank card, you can do so in your Stripe account which you can access via your Fun Pass Account under ‘Payment & Subscription’.

*Your Fun Pass renewal date & time is calculated from your original sign up date, and can be found in your Fun Pass Account under "Account Overview"

Can I share my Fun Pass with friends and family?

A Fun Pass subscription is to be used by account and pass holders only, not to be shared with friends and family.

Do I really get 10% off food and beverages via the Mr. Yum app in-venue?

Yes, you do! Simply use the mobile number associated to your Fun Pass subscription for the discount to automatically apply to list price items. More details about the Fun Pass subscribers exclusive discount can be found here in our Fun Pass Terms of Use.

Can I book for a date after my renewal date?

Bookings with Fun Pass can only be made for dates prior to your monthly or quarterly (depending on plan period subscribed to) renewal date.

When can I use my Fun Pass activity inclusions?

Activities can be redeemed after 3pm Sunday. Anytime Monday to Thursday. Fun Pass activity allocations cannot be redeemed Friday, Saturday and before 3pm Sunday. 

Are there time restrictions for children?

Children are welcome in the venues, however, we do become strictly over 18 later in the day. Please check our house rules page for each venue to check when they are allowed at the venue.

Are there any restrictions to my Fun Pass?

Yes, there are restrictions such as days of the week and other conditions of use. Please see Fun Pass conditions on our Fun Pass Terms of Use page.

Do my Fun Pass monthly activity inclusions roll over?

Activities unredeemed for the month do not roll over to the following month or any future months. A new set of monthly activity inclusions is loaded each month from renewal date.

How do I redeem activities?

You can redeem activities by entering your Member ID when booking online at our Strike, Holey Moley, Archie Brothers and B. Lucky & Sons websites.

Can I apply multiple Fun Pass memberships when booking online?

Yes! You can even decide which Fun Pass to redeem activities on, and how many of them.

How are my Fun Pass activites allocated online when I book?

When booking online at one of our 4 brands just enter your Member ID in the booking flow, and you will be able to choose which of your allocated activities you would like to redeem.

Where can I find my member ID?

Sign up Confirmation web page - You will be presented with your Member ID on the confirmation web page when you subscribe to Fun Pass. 
Your Fun Pass Account - You can find your Member ID once you login to your Fun Pass Account. Simply expand ‘Account Overview’ to view your Member ID.
Your Funlab Fun Pass emails - You can find your Member ID on every email you receive from Funlab Fun Pass.

Can I change my Fun Pass plan type?

Subscription plan type cannot be changed. For example, a Single pass cannot be changed to Family. However, a current subscription can be cancelled and a new plan purchased.

Remember, Fun Pass is paid a month in advance and we can't roll your un-used activities over to another account! So, if you're thinking of switching your subscription type, make sure to use all of your current activity allocations then cancel BEFORE your renewal time and date.

Unfortunately we don't offer refunds for plans cancelled after the auto-renewal date.

Can I subscribe to Fun Pass in a Funlab venue?

We are unable to sign you up to Fun Pass at our venue counters, but our friendly team will be happy to assist you with subscribing via our website using your phone.

Can I cancel my Fun Pass subscription in a Funlab venue?

Our venue team does not have the ability to cancel membership in-venue. Cancellations must be made via your Stripe customer account which you can access in your Account ‘Payment & Subscription’ section.

Can I book an activity with my Fun Pass in-venue?

Booking cannot be made in-venue at the counter, however, you can book an activity via our online booking on our brands website.

Where can I find my monthly Fun PAss Activity inclusions and what activities are available to redeem?

You can see your monthly Fun Pass activity inclusions in your Fun Pass account. Here you will see the activities you have left to redeem for your membership month.

You can also see which activities you are able to redeem in the Strike, Holey Moley, Archie Brothers and B. Lucky & Sons booking flow once you enter your Membership ID.

Can I pause my Fun Pass Subscription?

Unfortunately, you are unable to pause your Fun Pass subscription. Fun Pass subscriptions can only be cancelled, and a new subscription created in future via the Fun Pass online sign up.

How do I cancel my Fun Pass subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by selecting ‘Cancel plan’ via your account in the Stripe Customer Portal, found in your Fun Pass Account under ‘Payment & Subscription’.

Once cancelled, your subscription will remain active until your renewal date and time. If you change your mind prior to this date, you can easily renew your subscription by selecting 'Renew Plan' via your account in the Stripe Customer Portal.

If I cancel my Fun Pass subscription before my renewal date, will I receive a refund?

As payment is taken for the month or quarter ahead (depending on the billing period you selected upon sign up), refunds cannot be given. Fun Pass activity inclusions and privileges will continue until the end of your subscription renewal date & time.

Where can I find my Fun Pass renewal date?

Your Fun Pass renewal date & time is automatically calculated either 1 or 3 months (depending on your selected billing period) from your original sign up date & time. You can find this date in your Fun Pass Account under ‘Account Overview’

Can I edit my account details?

You can edit details such as your name and phone number in your Fun Pass Account, however are not able to edit your email as this is part of your account ID. If you are having trouble editing your customer details, please contact our Concierge team on 1300 787 453.

What's the deal with unlimited arcade games?

We don't like to put terms & conditions around fun, but we have to when it comes to 'unlimited'. Unlimited arcade games include timeplay games only. Meaning, you can only play unlimited, selected games within 1 hour. Aside from the below exclusions, there's a wide range of games that apply including motorbikes, air hockey and much more. Exclusions; Timeplay games under Fun Pass doesn't allow you to earn or redeem tickets, and does not include laser tag, Dance Dance Revolution, Big Buck Hunter, Maxi Tune, Taiko, Claw Machines and Skill testers.

Can I subscribe to a mix of pass types and billing periods?

Yes, you can! However, you can only select one billing period per transaction (monthly or quarterly).

If you would like to subscribe to second (or third!) plan with a different billing period, you are able to do this in a separate transaction.

For example: Transaction one: 1 month billing period for Family Fun Pass. Transaction two: Quarterly billing period for Single Fun Pass. 

Do I really get 10% off functions and parties?

Yes, you do! Simply call our functions team or submit a party enquiry on a Funlab brand website and add your Fun Pass member ID to the comments section. Website enquiry form: Strike, Holey Moley, Archie Brothers and B. Lucky & Sons.

How long will it take to process my membership?

Membership may take up to 3 hours to process. However, in most instances it is much faster than this.

Can't find the answer to your question?

You may find it in our Terms of Use. Alternatively, our friendly Concierge team (1300 787 453) would be happy to help with your enquiry.

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