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Who are we? We're Motherfunners. All 2,000+ of us.

Motherfunners are a diverse bunch. Their backgrounds, experiences, ideas, and personalities make up the proud DNA of Funlab. It's not necessarily a type of person, it's a certain quality. Everything we do at Funlab - big or small - is 'for the fun of it'. It's a cause we'll proudly stand behind now, and into the future. Our Motherfunners are experience curators and innovators, creating the best competitive fun-driven experiences across the country. If you've the got same spark, come and join us. We're always on the look out for more Motherfunners.

Why work for us?

Our Core Values

Funlab has 9 Core Values, chosen by our Motherfunners for our Motherfunners. Our Core Values are our north star and they're the foundation to our current success and undoubtedly our future success. They're the invisible thread that align us all and if our Core Values resonate with you, chances are you're a potential Motherfunner!

Career Pathways

Development and career growth and progression isn't a one size fits all, it's specific to you, your skillset, your interests and strengths. However it looks, we're committed to it and we advocate for it. With formal and informal programs and resources designed for you to thrive, we also believe in empowering you to write your future.



If Ops is your jam, we've got plenty of DING to go around. 80% of our Senior Operations team started their Funlab journey as casual Motherfunners. With 8 brands to experience and development pathways to set you up for success, we'll support your Operations journey from casual through to Venue / Precinct Manager and beyond.

Operations to Support Office

Maybe you worked casually while studying and now you've finished studying you want to kick down the door and start your professional journey, or maybe you've ignited a passion from working in Operations you want to dive deeper into, we have many success stories of Motherfunners in Operations transitioning into our Support Office. With every role available advertised internally we've created a pathway for this popular transition.

Future Growth

With new markets (and countries!) being explored, there's ever evolving opportunity on the Funlab horizon. Not all development and growth looks the same, maybe it's an interstate relocation to experience a new venue, maybe it's a department change, or even a country change, with the trajectory of Funlab's growth we're committed to Motherfunner's development.

Hear all about it from the Motherfunners

Recruitment at Funlab

We know applying for a new role can be daunting (maybe exciting?!) so we want to be as transparent as possible with what you can expect. Other than it definitely being the most FUN recruitment process you will have been a part of before, it will typically comprise of 2-3 interactions depending on the role and level. Our recruitment process is centered on getting to know you but also letting you get to know us, we know choosing your next workplace is an important one.

Phone Call

During this call, you'll speak with a Talent Partner about your experience, your aspirations and interest in Funlab. We'll share a little bit about the role and Funlab's culture. This will usually only be 5-7 minutes of your time.

First Interview

This will be scheduled by a Talent Partner and you'll likely meet with your potential leader (or someone similar) and a Talent Partner. We'll dive deeper into your experience and skillset, we'll also share what the day-to-day will be like, the impact this role will have in the business and the structure of the team and organisation. You'll also have the opportunity to ask any questions you have. This will also be hosted IN COSTUME!

Final Interview

You'll likely meet with some other leaders (that you might work closely with) or peers in the wider team so you can get to know the wider function / department and how it functions in the organisation, we also think it's important to have the opportunity to get to know more people and their experiences. Most importantly, this is another opportunity for you to ask any questions you have - we want to get to know you but it's just as important for you to get to know us.

Hiring FAQs

What can I expect after I submit an application?

Once you've applied, you'll receive an email letting us know we've received your application (and commend you on your good taste for choosing Funlab!). If you're successful in progressing to the next stage, about a week later you'll receive a phone call from a Talent Partner. During peak periods this might take a little longer but our Talent Partners are always working to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Who will I meet throughout the process at Funlab?

You'll have the opportunity to meet a handful of Motherfunners along the way. Each Motherfunner you meet will relate to the role you've applied for in some capacity so you'll be able to get different perspectives. You'll usually meet the Talent Partner, your potential leader and some peers. Your Talent Partner will be your go-to Funlab contact and be with you throughout the process.

How long does it take to hire at Funlab

It can vary depending on the role and level of role but if all goes according to plan, we anticipate 3-5 weeks from phone call with your Talent Partner through to hearing the outcome. Your Talent Partner will keep you updated and let you know if there are any changes to the process.

Why do you dress up in costume for interviews?

Well, we're all weird and wonderful at Funlab and we LOVE to have fun. Wearing a costume for your first interview is a great ice breaker but also gives you a peek into life at Funlab. A costume can be anything you're comfortable with, think sports jersey, onesie, halloween costume, anything that shows your personality and a willingness to have fun and get involved!

What's your Support Office like?

We have a hybrid work model (2 days in the office and 3 days work from home / venue / cafe / beach house). We have an all-in day, which is focused on social connection and interaction. We have dogs in the office, a spicy (sparkling) water tap, breakfast foods, monthly office lunch, snacks, drinks trolley + so much more. It's a loud, vibrant, open plan, high energy office and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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