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Adelaide! It's time for Fun

Your South Australian adventure has just gotten a hell of a lot better! Making sure that Adelaide is bustling with the best activities around, Funlab has landed with four of its famous brands to max out the fun meter. 

From everyone's favourite Holey Moley Golf Club, and Strike Bowling, to the lucrative Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq, and our latest and greatest - the mesmerising Hijinx Hotel, Funlab is here to make your fun-believable dreams come through. 

Located in the heart of Adelaide

With all 4 of our brands located right at the heart of Adelaide, shared between Rundle Place and Pulteney Street, and each venue bringing a range of unique and fun-filled activities on top of delicious food and drink , there's something for everyone to enjoy. 

Whether it's Mini Golf, Arcade Games, Bowling, Challenge Rooms or something else, we've got plenty. So get inspired on things to do in Adelaide and check out our full range of Funlab brand activities below!

Fun awaits you, wherever you go!

Rundle Place

Archie Brothers Adelaide

Arcade Games

At the heart of Archie Brothers Adelaide lies a bustling venue full of classic arcade games, claw machines, racers and much more! Shoot some hoops on our basketball machines, go neck and neck with friends in Mario Kart XD Racer, or enjoy the throwback of some air hockey and dance machines! But that's not all, we've got tonnes of arcade games for you to run wild on, you'll just need to come down to Rundle Place and see for yourself! 

If you're looking to take away some prizes, we've got tonnes of claw machines packed with large and small plushies, A Key Master to win some epic techy prizes, and plenty of other goodies up for grabs. And don't forget to jump into our photo booth to print out some amazing memories from your visit! 

Whether you win big or small on our ticket machines, you can hit up our redemption shop to treat yourself to some extra prizes. From merchandise and board games, to POP Figures, Poke Balls, a Street Fighter Arcade Machine and Star Wars memorabilia, these are just some of the amazing take-home prizes awaiting you at the Archie Brothers Redemption shop. And even if you don't win big, we've got a cart full of delicious sweets, lollies and more for you to spend your tickets on and indulge!


Looking for more things to do in Adelaide? Well after you've won big at our arcade and enjoyed some delicious food and drink at our circus bar, it's time to start thinking about putting pedal to the metal! You better believe it, nestled in Archie Brothers at Rundle Place is a classic and full-blown bumper car experience! Under the dazzling lights, bump, spin and zoom your way around our Dodgems arena and go head to head in a fender bender frenzy. Whether you want to fly it solo in your own bumper car, or hop into the passenger seat with a dodgems teammate, all our cars are two-seaters and ready for any type of bumper derby!

Archie Brothers Dodgems are for all ages 'cause no one is too old to have a classic spin-around with friends. And for families looking to bring some younger children (80cm+ height to ride), they are more than welcome to jump in the passenger seat while the adults take the wheel (135cm+ height to drive)!

What's more, our Dodgems are included with any game card purchase, so once you've gotten your hands on an Archie's card, pop over to our Dodgems arena at any time and jump into the hot seat for the ride of your life!

Party Rooms

An Archie's party is the best party around, period! From our Arcade Games and Dodgems at Rundle Place, to popping in next door for Bowling at Strike, you're going to want somewhere to relax and enjoy some delicious food and drink. Well we've got you covered, our party rooms are located within the arcade and are big enough to fit plenty of your party goers and guest! Order delicious food and drink directly to your party room for everyone to enjoy and celebrate in style!

What's more, all party and function packages bookable through our Archie Brothers website come with a private room and personal host for the duration of your party! That's right, sit back and relax while you have everything you need prepped for your arrival and delivered to perfection on your big night. 

Pop in and out to the Arcade from your party room as you please, hit the Dodgems, come back for some food and drink, and go again! An Archie Brothers party is fuelled entirely by fun, and with everything on offer and the unrivalled fun at your disposal, we're sure you and your guests will experience a party celebration like never before.

Pulteney Street

Holey Moley Adelaide

Mini Golf

Mini golf, pop-culture, and nostalgia all rolled into one crazy venue. Holey Moley Golf Club is the perfect spot for a family or group of friends looking to fill their visit to Adelaide with some fun-beliveable activities in the heart of the city. 

At Holey Moley Adelaide, we've got 18 holes of mayhem for you to putt your way through. From Zappy As Larry and Puttle Shuttle, to Makin' It Rain, you're guaranteed a unique experience on every hole, but who's got the skills for a hole-in-one? Team up with mates or go head-to-head in some easy swingin' mini golf while you enjoy some cocktails and beers on the green as you play!

And if you really want to make it a visit to remember, why not purchase a Golf Class Upgrade for some VIP treatment when you rock-up! Get kitted out with some exclusive Holey Moley merchandise, a curated cocktail on arrival, some sweet snacks, and polaroid photos to take home some memories! Time to get swinging Adelaide!

Arcade Games

Once you've conquered Holey Moley mini golf, relax the putters and jump on some of our arcade games located right beside our bustling Caddy Shack bar!

From claw machines and basketball hoops, to our dance machine and giant Atari console, there's plenty for everyone to get their hands on. And if you're coming with a group, why not go head to head on our Mario Kart DX Racer and air hockey, or landed some perfect shots on Time Crisis. 

When you arrive, head to our Caddy Shack and pick up a games card to get you on your way - easily touch-on to our game machines as you go, simple! 

Whether you're here for a full blown night of activities, or just feel like popping in for a quick gaming fix, our arcade machines are sure to tackle your gaming desires. And like our mini golf course, grabs some drinks and take them with you to our arcade so you can enjoy them as you play!

Private Console Booths

Our downstairs arcade is just the start of digital fun at Holey Moley Adelaide. Why not head upstairs to our video game booths where you can chill out with friends and family on our Nintendo Switch, N64, PS5 and Xbox consoles.

As for games, we've got Crash Team Racing, Halo, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Pokemon Stadium and tonnes of other games for your to chill out on, all with their own private console booth. 

As you play, scan the QR code on your table to have delicious food and drink from our Caddy Shack Bar delivered right to your booth. Relax for as long as you please, and if you feel like changing things up, head down our games corridor toward our golf courses and enjoy 9 or 18 holes of mini golf!

With a mouth-watering menu and a games selection like no other, your trip to Holey Moley Adelaide is sure to last the whole night and have dying to return! 

Rundle Place

Hijinx Hotel Adelaide

Challenge Rooms

If you're really looking for something fun, new and unique to sink your teeth into, Hijinx Hotel Adelaide is a must visit. Inspired by a 1920's New York Hotel, Hijinx Hotel is a world of wonder housing 10 unique and unbelievably fun challenge rooms.

From ball pits and giant multicoloured cubes, to basketball and submarine-like excursions, our challenge rooms have to be seen to be believed. Each room has it's own unique activity to overcome and score big on, with plenty of dazzling lights and interiors for your senses to be mind-blown. 

Once you've made your way through and gotten your name on our scoreboard, you can kick back in the vibrant bar and lounge of Hijinx Hotel where our bartenders are whipping up delicious and exclusive cocktails for you to enjoy. We've also got a bar full of other delicious beers and wines, as well as a food menu befitting of a 5-star hotel-like experience!

If you're visiting Adelaide and looking for things to do that you've never quite experienced before, then trust us when we say Hijinx Hotel will leave you in awe and more importantly will deliver a fun-believable experience like no other. 

Hijinx Hotel Bar

While Hijinx Hotel Challenge Rooms are a must try on your list of things to do in Adelaide, our bar and restaurant are also a standout experience! So, if you're feeling like taking things easy and looking for a vibrant venue to hit up, then leave our challenge rooms aside and simply pop into our bar for a social night full of delicious food and drink. 

For food, we've got a mouth-watering range of premium wood-fired pizzas, fully-stacked burgers, and plenty of sides like fries, onion rings and more for you to enjoy. And if you're coming with a bigger group, we've got sides to share and delicious monthly drinks specials to indulge in. 

For our showstopping drinks, we're whipping up exclusive in-house bevs like our Mystic Peach and Mirror Mirror cocktails. Or if you feel like the classics, our bartenders can serve all your favourites from Mojitos to Espresso Martini's, and much more. 

Aside from our delicious menu, Hijinx Hotel's bar interior and aesthetic is a must see. It's fun, its opulent and it's truly mesmerising! A perfect setting for your next night out with friends and family, or for a party venue with a 5-star difference.  

Rundle Place

Strike Adelaide


Bowling, a true classic and loved by all! At Strike Adelaide we're doubling down to bring guests an all round amazing experience. With 8 state-of-the-art bowling lanes, an amazing bar full of food and drink, and plenty of seating to kick back on, you're in for a bowling experience like never before.

As you play, why not order some delicious food and drink right to your lane. From burgers and pizzas, to delicious sides, we've got something for everyone. As for drinks, the choice is yours! Choose some mouth-watering and exclusive cocktails, stick to classic beers, or try our selection of wine and shooters, all in the comfort of your lane couch!

Strike Bowling is a sure winner for all! Whether it's a family day out, a social date with friends, or just about any party or celebration you can think of, you're guaranteed to have a unforgettable experience. And with all the activities on offer at our other Funlab venues, bowling is just the start of a day full of magic!

So, pop down, grab some bowling shoes, hit the lanes with delicious food and drink and get ready for a day or night of bowling with nothing left to spare!


Few things are as fun as singing and dancing with your family and friends, especially when there's some delicious food and drink fuelling the party. Well good news! Strike Adelaide is equipped with state-of-the-art karaoke rooms for you to do just that. 

Located alongside our bowling lanes, we've got three fun and vibrant karaoke rooms for you to let your inner rockstar shine. Whether you're feeling like a solo performance, a head-to-head sing-off, or a stunning group sing song with an encore, we've got a karaoke set list ready to make your musical dreams come through!

As you sing, dance, and party all night long, why not fuel up on some amazing food and drink. Simply scan the QR code on your karaoke room table and order delicious cocktails, beers, burgers and bites straight your door! Not to mention we've got tonnes of other delicious food and drink like fries, sides, shooters, and spirits!

If you're looking for things to do in Adelaide that'll get the vocal chords vibing and your body moving, hit Strike Karaoke for a day or night full of amazing musical memories! 

Food & Drink

If you're looking for things to do around Adelaide that involve delicious cocktails, beers and wines, and mouth-watering food, then any of our Funlab brands are sure to satisfy your taste buds. Whether it's Archie Brothers, Hijinx Hotel, Holey Moley, or Strike, each venue has its own delicious food menu as well as an exclusive and must-try cocktail selection. 

And the best part about our Funlab venues in Adelaide is the option to either relax at one of our four amazing bar and seating areas, or take your drinks on the go with you as you play your way through the wealth activities that are on offer! Come thirsty and hungry, because Funlab are supplying the tastiest menus in Adelaide, period!

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